Why You Should Register Your Law Firm on Lawyers-and-Solicitors.com

  • 1. More than 1,250,000 people search for solicitors on this website each month.
  • 2. It is an authoritative website with highly ranked content pages for seo.
  • 3. With more than 100 practice area categories available, you can create a very specialized listing which is geared towards your clients.
  • 4. Lawyers and Solicitiors has been online legal directory since 2009.
  • 5. Members profiles may include their website url.
  • 6. Listings cost one-time fee of only £ 100.00 for law firms with up to 10 attorneys and 1 office - all inclusive.

Your Listing Will Appear on Lawyers-and-Solicitors Directory :

  • Under every area of law practice you select.
  • In the search results obtained every time your law firm name, county, province and city are entered in our search engine.
  • In the search results obtained when any words present within your law firm's Web pages are entered, using our powerful search engine.
  • Premium Listings can be shown as featured listings on our homepage. (Upon Request)
Taking a new Listing will ensure that your firm appears at the beginning of any search results for your Postcode and your your firms locations. As well as your contact details this listing provides a direct link to your Website, Email, and Enquiry Form.

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Update your listing if its already on the website. Update is easy as filling in a form and sending it and we will contact you in less than 48hrs with the conformation.

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Removing a soclitors from the site. Direct Email, and Enquiry Form. With a Premium Listing you receive a priority position on the results page and have more choice of ways in which a client can instruct you.

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